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Zoom party/Gameshow music!

Scot Nery recently produced a company holiday party. He needed a bunch of custom music made quickly (around 48 hours). An intro, theme songs for games, some music to celebrate contest winners, and even a couple of tracks to play if there were technical problems. They also needed, in some cases, to be funny.

I found a template we liked that included melodica, slide whistle, piano, bass, drums, horns, etc. Scot wanted fun/silly and high energy, as well as Christmas/Holiday elements. Many of the cues are quite short, and a few are fuller length "songs."

Here's a link to several of the tracks!

I love projects with deadlines, and I love finding the energy a client needs to take their project to the next level. Music plays a huge part in the vibe and energy of a show, and is especially important in a context like Zoom, where it's more difficult to get energy up than it would be in a live show...

From Scot:

I know a lot of composers, but I knew with Jon I could tap into his incredible sense of entertainment.

I also knew in my compressed timeline that he is a great communicator. I could give him very short direction or way too much feedback and he could deal with it. All I got was exactly what I wanted. I cried laughing at his technical difficulties songs

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