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Over the years, Jon has made a few fundraising videos for the releases of new music for Steinomite and Mucca Pazza.  These were great opportunities for writing, on-camera performance, and editing.  

2014 Indie-Go-Go campaign for Mucca Pazza

Written/Directed by:  Jon Steinmeier and Sharon Lanza

Featuring:  Jon Steinmeier, Sharon Lanza, Elisa shoenberger, Sean De Santis, Scott Priz, Vanessa Valliere, Mucca Pazza

Shot by:  Susie Inverso, Scot Nery

2011 Kickstarter campaign for Mucca Pazza film by Danièle Wilmouth

Written/Directed by:  Jon Steinmeier, Sharon Lanza, and big

Featuring:  Jon Steinmeier, Sharon Lanza, Mark Messing, Justin Amolsch, and Drew Durepos

2012 Kickstarter campaign for Steinomite album release

Written/Directed by:  Jon Steinmeier

Featuring:  Jon Steinmeier

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