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Ethan Perlstein, and evolutionary pharmacologist at Princeton, launched a research funding campaign in 2012.  The video for the campaign is below, and features Jon's music and sound design - all the sound you hear outside of the voice over.  

Produced and animated by Ryan Griffin
Voice over and editing by Veronica Amaya
Music and SFX by Jon Steinmeier

For a follow up article on the campaign (and video) read here!

Quote from Ethan:

"The most difficult part was crafting a proposal that could appeal to both experts and non-experts in science, but also to both scientists and non-scientists. I think our 3-minute project video by the talented LA-based creative team including videographer Ryan Griffin, voiceover artist Veronica Amaya, and composer Jon Steinmeier, did an excellent job of balancing our message and scientific content. Without their video I don’t think we’d be in the position we are today, with less than a week to go till our grassroots campaign ends."


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