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As a thoughtful and versatile composer, Jon has written music for theater, ballet, television, short and feature film, and other live performance contexts.  As a pro multi-insrumentalist and charismatic performer, he has spent over 15 years touring the US and Europe, performing and recording with artists including Mavis Staples, Andrew Bird, Tim Booth, Bobby Conn, Mucca Pazza, and Baby Dee.

Jon grew up in a family of singers and classical musicians, which greatly influenced his study of music, including piano, percussion and drums, guitar and bass, and singing.  Jon Graduated from the Wheaton Conservatory of music in 2001 with a B.Mus. degree in Composition. He spent the next decade in Chicago writing, performing, and teaching music.​

Jon now lives in Los Angeles, where he composes and produces music for picture, performs music and comedy in studios and on stages,  teaches music, and collaborates with other artists.    ​​

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